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f dominated India. It means that and nothing eke. Any other
meaning you attempt to impose on it is mythical. "India5 is a
British creation., .it is merely a single administrative unit
governed by a bureaucracy under the sanction of the sword.
That is all. It i* a paper creation, it has no basis in flesh and blood.
SELF The ironical thing is that your critic^ say that Pakistan
itself is a British creation—that it is an example of our genius for
applying the principle of * divide and rule.5
JIXXAH (with some heat) The man who makes such a suggestion
must have a very poor opinion of British intelligence, apart from
his opinion of my own integrity. The one thing which, keeps the
British in India is the false idea of a United India, as preached by
Gandhi. A United India, I repeat, is a British creation—a myth,
and a very dangerous myth, which will cause endless strife. As
long as that strife exists, the British have an excuse for remaining.
For once in a way, 'divide and rule* does not apply.
SELF What you want is "divide and quit * ?
JIXXAH You have put it very neatly.
»   SELF You realize that all this will come as something of a shock
to the British electorate ?
JIXXAH Truth is often shocking. But why this truth in par-
ticular ?
SELF Because the average, decent, liberal-minded voter, who
wishes Britain to fulfil her pledges, and grant independence to
India, has heard nothing but the Congress point of view. The
3Iuslims have hardly a single spokesman in the West.
JIXXAH (bitterly) I am well aware of that. The Hindus have
organized a powerful Press and Congress—Mahasabha are backed
up by Hindu capitalists and industrialists with finance which we
have not got.
SELF As a result they believe that Congress is "India,* a^d since
Congress never tires of repeating that India is one and indivisible,
they imagine that any attempt to divide it is illiberal, reactionary,
and generally sinister. They seriously do believe this. I know that
it is muddle-headed, but then a democracy such as ours, which
*l%*s to make up its mind on an incredible number of complicated
issues usually is muddle-headed. What they have to bar i is that
the only liberal course, the only geuerous course, the only course